Monday, July 6, 2009

“Hydrocephalus Gulfus”, the Great Neglected Condition in the Gulf Region-Part II

Dear readers,

As I promised you, I'm going to share with you some of the preliminary results of the our project in Hydrocephalus Gulfus...

• Classification
It isn’t an easy job to study such condition and classify the cases into seperate groups, so what I'm going to do is to show you different classifications according to different measures.

According to local artists,

But speaking scientifically or medically, it can be classified according to its appearance (morphology) to:

1. Vertical: this one of the most dangerous types in the cinemas and the classrooms. You have to change your seat as soon as you discover a case in front of you, otherwise you’ll end up with صوت بدون صورة
The height of such outgrowth is really variable and it has been observed that it’s in increase especially after the latest reports from authorities in Muscat to increase the allowed height of buildings. The government is really worried about the impact of such vertical hydrocephalus on the bridges in Muscat.

2. Horizontal: might be considered less dangerous.
3. Anterior-posterior

According to the severity of the case (which is really judged by the size of the outgrowth) to:

1. Mild Chronic (growing slowly thus small sized). This type is usually seen in ladies who are not experienced enough in this field.
2. Acute severe (looks like the explosion of the nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima!! This one might be mistaken with the classical hydrocephalus which requires immediate surgical intervention)

• Impact on other fields

1. The prices of the following items have increased (which are used to create the Hydrocephalus Gulfus) and at one stage local markets became deficient of such items:
• Yoghurt containers/cans
• Happy meal boxes
• XXXXXXXXL hair clips with birds feather

2. Scientists have concerns that patients with Hydrocephalus Gulfus may develop some complications like disc prolapsed and back pain due to the heavy weight of the contents used to create Hydrocephalus Gulfus.

3. Recent studies have shown a positive correlation between the number of Hydrocephalus Gulfus cases and the reported cases of children suffering of night terrors!!!...also, one cohort study conducted in College of Medicine-SQU showed that those students setting in the back of the MLT scored a big F in their finals simply because they couldn’t see the ppt slide projection!!! Poor people…

4. Children nurseries became less crowded, women no longer worry about keeping their children with housemaids and thus family expenditure per month had decreased…thanx to Hydrocephalus Gulfus that created extra space for women to carry their children with them at any time and any where :)

And many others which I cannot declare now,
For those who care for the happiness and continuity of humankind, plz help to stop such endemic…


  1. I think women started to do this, like most other physical things, to get attention. And attention they got so obviously it became famous!

  2. I agree with Sting,,
    I know some ladies who actually wear Hijab Bu Naf5a to hear comments from here and there,,
    اشكال عقد النقص..!

  3. Haha, I couldnt stop laughing while reading this. Thanks :P!
    At first, I thought you were serious wallah. But look at the bright side. Last year my classmate who was sitting 8idami used to wear those huge clips. I could easily sleep and eat during the class without anyone noticing.