Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A new beginning…:)'

At last the period of four years to complete my Bsc came to an end! For me it was just like a dream to finish the first phase “preclinical” and start the most exciting “clinical phase”. The clinical years will be something totally different than what we were used to during what I call now “the past:)”. In the past four years we were used to attend lectures or lab sessions only (which I rarely attend anyway, because I’m usually either not prepared or not in the mood), have examinations every Saturday (which really sucks) and the most interesting thing is to spend most of the studying time chatting with my friends “the SCORMians” in the hospital cafeteria (SCORM has its own story).

The coming three years are expected to be much more interesting, interactive, enjoyable and at the same time TOUGH. We have to attend the clinics, ward rounds, bedside teaching and by the way to accept the fact that at any moment the consultant in charge will be SHOUTING at you in front of the folks in the hospital and you are supposed to show all respect and at the same time, show no objection. One need to be really patient in order to adapt to this new learning style, add to it that I have to get used to working with some of my colleagues -my group members- whome I don't get along with :S! I just pray to Allah from the bottom of my heart, the chordae tendinae to be more specific to make things go easy and smooth.

Throughout this blog I’ll try to share with you some real life situations that I came & will hopefully come across during the coming years, plus some of my own hallucinations =).

Hope you will enjoy it!